Midjourney AI Art Class w/ Free Prompt Guide

Midjourney AI Art Class w/ Free Prompt Guide

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Exploring Midjourney AI Art class is a instructional experience for those who desire to learn how to generate their own graphic using text to image prompt technology. This class is tailored for those who desire to use AI art to generate revenue.  We will explore:

- Generating Original Clipart
- Exploring Different Art Styles
- Generating Canvas Ready Art
- Creating your Own Mockups
- Creating Models for Ads
- Utilizing New Features
- and more!

The class will be 2 sessions via Zoom:  The first on Thursday October 12th at 7pm EST and a follow up on Thursday  October 19th at 7pm EST.  If you cannot attend either class live, a recording will be provided to you.  You will receive a prompt guide after the first class to practice what you learned until the second class. 

To fully use this experience you will need to set up a Discord account and purchase a Midjourney subscription